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Unclaimed assets In Luxembourg

Search for unclaimed funds, assets and rights in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, an international banking center:

Luxembourg is a small country situated in Western Europe with a population of 550,000 habitants only. It is located in the heart of Europe, boarded with France, Belgium and Germany.  Luxembourg is one of the three founding members of the European Union and is therefore the seat of the European Investment Bank and the European Union Court of Law.

Luxembourg is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and serves as an international financial center, world leading in the field of private banking, mutual funds and insurance. There are more than 1,000 investment funds and approximately 200 banks in Luxembourg.

Unclaimed bank accounts in Luxembourg:

Luxembourg is an international private banking center, with hundreds of international active banks.

Luxembourg serves as one of the worlds largest private banking centers, many foreign residents had opened bank accounts in the country and had deposited large amounts of money in them, considering the fact that among a numerous amount of Private Banks, the conditional minimum deposit is around 500,000 Euros.

Bank accounts which were not claimed by heirs of deceased customers are commonly found in Luxembourg where thousands of unclaimed bank accounts worth millions of Euros are.

Reasons for the accounts being unclaimed:


  • The deceased account holders never announced to their heirs that they own a bank account in Luxembourg.
  • The account holders did not leave a will and their heirs have no knowledge of it.
  • The deceased account holders did not include in their will the funds of the account.
  • The account holders did not provide the bank with their accurate personal details, or their familys.
  • Unlike other European financial center such as Switzerland, which have laws instructing the banks to invest efforts to locate the heirs of unclaimed accounts, Luxembourg has no such legislation and therefore the banks are not taking any actions in order to locate the heirs of the deceased account holders. As a result, every year thousands of heirs are unaware of their rights and the accounts are transferred to the state treasury.


Grumberg & Co Advocates:

The Grumberg & Co Advocates firm was founded by Eyal Grumberg on 1996 in Luxembourg City, one of the worlds largest financial centers.

Our firm specialises in business law, banking and litigation. We represent customers from all over the world.

We have a professional department which handles dormant accounts and searches for unclaimed bank accounts all over the world. The department has extensive experience in locating unclaimed funds in the most professional manner.

Are you an heir and you believe your deceased family member owned a bank account? Why is it important to begin your search in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is one of the worlds largest financial center in the field of bank secrecy (bank privacy).

For decades, Luxembourg has been a world leader in this field of bank secrecy. For that reason, Luxembourg attracted many wealthy people living in neighbouring countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy etc.) and from other parts of the world who wished to hide their money from tax authorities and deposit large sums of money in Luxembourgish banks.

As a potential heir, you have a better chance to find bank accounts belonging to your deceased family member in Luxembourg than in any other country.

Over the years we have represented a large number of heirs and succeeded in tracking many valuable unclaimed bank accounts belonging to them, while providing them with a professional, efficient and quick service.

If these customers would not have followed their suspicions and contacted us, these money would have been untracked and would have been transferred to the state treasury!

We offer the following services:


  • A professional meeting with the customers and a full guidance while operating to locate the funds.
  • The search includes all the legal aspects concerning the necessary documents in order to transfer the located funds into your account and under your name.
  • Searching the unclaimed dormant accounts in Luxembourg, Switzerland and globally.
  • Searching of unclaimed life insurance in Luxembourg, Switzerland and globally.


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